Marlene Soares was born in 1978 in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
She started photographing with five years old when her father, which is a photographer, gave her a little camera. The possibility of recording images has always fascinated her so, since her childhood, she has registered thousands of pictures which reflect her personal history.
In 1996 she entered the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto to graduate in Biology and she started a new approach to photography. Her close contact with art in general challenged her imagination so she begun a period of interesting experiences exploring, in an artistic way, the possibilities of the photographic technique. During this time she also did landscape, nature and concert photos, as well as portraits and promotional/press photos for some bands.
In 2001, after graduating in Biology, she did one year of an intensive professional photography course, in the Portuguese Photography Institute, where she studied subjects like photographic technique, composition, black and white laboratory, history of photography, studio and digital photography. At the same time she started working as a biology teacher in the Secondary Public School in Portugal.
In the past few years, her special interest for travelling and interacting with other cultures lead her to photograph places and people of different countries in Europe, South America and Africa. She has also dedicated to nature photography, especially while doing master degree in Hydrobiology between 2003 and 2006. She did portrait photo sessions, mainly with musicians, widely used in the press, websites, posters and CDs.
Recently she is living in Luxembourg where she keeps working as a freelancer photographer.